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Landscape Lighting

Want to light up the night and showcase certain features around your home? Or maybe illuminate a backyard area for a gathering of friends or even an area for a dog walk? Then landscape lighting may be for you! Dixie Lawn Care can install numerous lighting options to fit your needs and add security and […]

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Soil Testing

When you’re ready to get serious about your lawn, soil testing is the first step. Dixie Lawn Care can pull soil samples from your yard, have them tested, and give you a soil analysis report containing vital nutrient and soil PH information. This way you know exactly what your yard needs to grow healthy green […]

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Landscape Maintenance

Does your house feel more like jungle land than home sweet home? Dixie Lawn Care can trim back those out of control trees and bushes and put in fresh mulch or pine straw to finish off the new clean look. Want a new look altogether? We can create new bedding areas and install new shrubs […]

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Turf Maintenance

Need your lawn mowed? We can do that for you! Want your lawn to look like the ones in magazines? We can do that too! Dixie Lawn Care can take care of your grass from start to finish. We can test your soil, correct the soil ph, create a custom fertilization plan, and spray to […]

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